February 22, 2017
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Security Consulting & Services

How secure is your network?

Security is recognised as an important priority by businesses yet many businesses still maintain poor security measures. Security threats expose your business to cost implications through the disruption of the IT infrastructure, loss of confidentiality, reduction of employee productivity or risks through legal and compliance issues. Utilising our technical expertise and leading security solutions we can help deliver complete protection of your network and information assets from security threats.

Some of our security services and solutions include:

  • Security Assessment: Wouldn’t you rather find your vulnerabilities in your network security before a hacker does? Let one of our security consultants perform a comprehensive security assessment on your network infrastructure. Our security audits can provide your business with peace of mind that everything is as secure as it seems, or alternatively point out areas of weaknesses.
  • Firewalls & Intrusion Detection Systems act as virtual security guards to protect your network from unauthorised electronic access and warn against attempted suspicious activity. Firewall and Intrusion Detection Systems are now as essential as locking to doors at night. They help to protect your business from loss of leaked sensitive data or from it being maliciously destroyed. Firewalls improperly configured are one of the biggest security flaws facing small to medium sized businesses. We combine the best of breed products with our expertise to deliver the best security solution to protect your business and its information assets.
  • Anti-Virus solutions protect all levels of your network (gateway, server, clients) against known and unknown threats.
  • Anti-Spyware solutions: Spyware is spreading at an epidemic rate with an estimated over 90% of computers connected to the Internet being infected. Our solutions help mitigate security risks, maintain computing and network performance, reduce support calls and minimise the time spent on combating spyware – so you can focus on growing your business without fear of your confidential information being compromised.
  • Anti-Spam solutions: Spam accounts for around 85% of all e-mail traffic. Spam costs your business time and money in tied-up mail servers, strained network resources, and decreased employee productivity. Spam also spreads viruses, worms, distributes spyware and phishing attacks, as well as leading unsuspecting users to malicious Web sites where further dangers await. Anti-spam solutions filter away undesired messages to improve productivity, reduce financial losses and form a vital component of your overall network security strategy.
  • Web and Instant Messaging Filtering allows you to monitor, filter and document 100% of the web and instant messaging sessions on your network. Protect your network and employees from unsuitable content/conversations, spyware, adware and other malware. Save costly bandwidth by controlling Internet downloads, allow/block specific or categories of sites, and access reporting that show sites visited, traffic/bandwidth used, and file transfers. These reports allow you to conduct network performance analysis, determine most popular destinations, gain insight into internet usage, or plan for network upgrades/enhancements.
  • Employee monitoring solutions provide insight into what computer activities your employees are doing (or not doing) and to protect your business from misuse of resources, un-productivity, potential law suits, and loss of confidential information.
  • Policy Management solutions which define, manage, and enforce policies help to reduce vulnerabilities and business risk.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution: enables your business to securely and cost-effectively connect remote users and offices together to centralise and share resources.
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