February 22, 2017
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Remote I.T. Management

We Manage Your Network

So You Can Manage Your Business

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it’s absolutely critical that you keep your systems secure and that your network is up and running at all times. After all, every minute of downtime is costing you money in terms of lost productivity, profitability, business and customer relations. As many businesses cannot justify the cost of employing an IT manager, the task of IT Support is handed to a member of staff. This distracts them from their day to day work and forces the company into a reactive “break/fix" method of constant fire-fighting and chasing your own tail.

For years now, IT providers and their clients have really been working against each other. Something “breaks”, the IT company comes out to “fix it”, followed by a big bill.  As IT providers charge you by the hour to fix your problems there is very little incentive to keep you really out of trouble. After all, the more problems you have the more money they make.  With DatacaVision that’s all about to change.

DatacaVision is the next generation in IT infrastructure management services. Our qualified and experienced IT engineers at our Network Operations Centre use state of the art Remote Monitoring and Management technology to constantly monitor your entire IT infrastructure (servers, workstations, laptops and network devices)  to proactively prevent problems before they cause disruption, manage security and updates (firewall, virus, spyware, Microsoft updates, spam filtering, file share permissions), perform preventative maintenance, asset management, data backups and disaster recovery.  While we proactively prevent most problems from occurring, when problems do arise we can use secure remote access to immediately respond issues within minutes, not hours or days. In fact, we solve 70% of problems within 20 minutes and 90% of problems without ever coming onsite.

With DatacaVision you will get

  • Your IT systems professionally managed so you and all your staff can work on your business
  • Get more computer uptime and increased productivity
  • Problems are prevented or solved within minutes, not hours or days
  • More secure systems against viruses, spyware, spam and hackers
  • Faster, reliable & more efficient Network
  • Significantly reduce IT and operational costs
  • Greater visibility into hardware and software assets
  • Ensures software license compliance

With Dataca, you’ll enjoy the security and stability of a budgeted line item and the peace of mind that a team of IT engineers secure your systems, proactively prevent problems, troubleshoot and remedy problems in minutes so that costly downtime is dramatically reduced or even eliminated. And because you’re on a monthly contract with a set fee, your interests of having uptime and no problems is perfectly aligned with ours.

Complimentary Consultation
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