February 22, 2017
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Infrastructure Solutions

Dataca has a proven approach and a team of qualified and experienced IT professionals that can provide you with quality infrastructure solutions that are cost-effective and reliable.

We offer the following infrastructure solutions:

Security - Using a proven approach, technical expertise and best of breed security solutions we can deliver complete protection of your information and network from threats that expose your business to cost implications, loss of confidentiality, disruption of IT infrastructure, reduction in employee productivity, legal and non compliance risks.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions and procedures protect your critical data from hardware or system failure, human error, software corruption, virus infection, theft and natural disasters. Minimise the financial and lost productivity costs associated with downtime and protect your business survival so you can be in business tomorrow.

Server Solutions – We offer a free technology assessment to help determine your business requirements so we can design and implement a customized server solution that unlocks the full potential of your business.

Storage Solutions : We can offer you strategic advice on how to efficiently manage your growing data needs to help you reduce costs, reduce risks and ensure compliant retention of your data.

Remote Access & Private Network Solution enables your business to securely and cost-effectively connect remote users and offices together to centralize and share resources.

Wireless Networks & Mobility Solutions: Dataca has expertise in designing, implementing and securing your wireless solutions that help your business achieve more reliable, faster, and easier access to your network – from within the office, home and on the road.

Internet Connectivity Solutions: We can help you select the best Internet access provider and install reliable high speed internet connection, web based commerce for your customers, and connect all your office locations together on high availability, high speed network connections.

Voice & Data Cabling: We can provide cabling solutions that suits both your business and your budget.

Complimentary Consultation
To see how we can assist your business, take advantage of our FREE Consultation with a qualified and experienced IT professional.