February 22, 2017
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CD & DVD Data Recovery

We Can Help Recover Your Data!

Dataca has proven experience in recovering lost data from optical media such as CD, DVD and Mini Discs. Our highly skilled engineers have expertise, facilities and specialized equipment to get you with a fast and economical way of successfully recovering your data. Our data recovery service is backed by our 'No Data No Charge' policy which means you have absolutely no risk.

Common CD & DVD Data Recovery Situations

Our data recovery services are available for all kinds of common CD and DVD disc problems including:

  • CD, DVD, Mini Disc that are inaccessible, unreadable, deleted, quick erased or reformatted
  • Damaged Media: scratched, defected, water damaged, warping, bubbled, and even some cracked or broken discs
  • Unable to read files even though the disc reads full
  • Media appear to be blank
  • Format errors or corruption
  • Incomplete burns / Computer crash during media write phase
  • Files and/or directory can be seen but files can not be accessed
  • “File not Found” or "Files do not exist" errors when attempting to access files
  • Corrupted or missing directory information
  • Computer hangs attempting to access the media
  • Scraping, Ticking an other unusual sounds coming from the disc drive

Supported Optical Media Formats

Dataca can recover data from a wide variety of optical media including:

  • CD, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, Audio CD, Mini CD-R
  • DVD, DVD-RAM, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W, dual-layered DVD and mini DVD-R/RAM discs used in some video cameras.
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